Since PL BioScience is growing and we are emerging from the early business stages, it’s time for a change. We think our patented Human Platelet Lysate technology deserves a suitable and recognizable brand name: ELAREM™.

Consequently, ELAREM™ is the trademark name for our Platform Technology that unites all our Human Platelet Lysates.

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We developed the first affordable Human Platelet Lysate tailored to the academic research and diagnostics needs. Discover our xeno-free substitute for Fetal Bovine Serum (FBS): ELAREM™ Prime.

As one of the most promising fields of regenerative medicine, we participate in the development of stem cell therapies. Accordingly, our ELAREM™ Perform product line supports pre-clinical research projects.

Therapeutic applications require efficient reagents complying with highest safety guidelines. Hence, we meet these needs with our virus-inactivated Human Platelet Lysate ELAREM™ Ultimate.


Cell culture is an essential procedure in life sciences. Cells are expanded under laboratory conditions for research, clinical development and cell therapy purposes. Due to the artificial environment, all cell types need to be maintained under lab conditions. They rely on additional nutrients and growth factors that are necessary for cellular growth. Cell culture supplements supply those nutrients. We reprocess human platelets to manufacture our cell culture supplements. Platelets are full of growth factors. Consequently, the final product, human Platelet Lysate, simulates the natural cell environment for optimal growth results.

We deliver advanced 2D and 3D cell culture solutions based on human Platelet Lysate – covering basic research, cellular therapeutics and clinical applications. Choose between different safety grades meeting your needs: Research Grade, GMP Grade or GMP-Clinical Grade.

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Our Mission


Ambitious, forward-looking, responsive – we are a motivated team of Biotech-experts and management specialists dedicated to bridging the gap between academic research and clinical applications.


Meet us

We think continuous exchange is the key to success. Therefore, we appreciate the opportunities to get in touch with partners, customers and potential customers. And accordingly, the feedback from people who use our products or plan to use them, is at the core of our values. We love moving cell research and therapy forward together.



We promote the change from Fetal Bovine Serum to safe and ethically acceptable cell culture solutions. Without doubt, tomorrow’s science and research should build on forward-looking cell culture media. For that reason, we discuss the advantages of Human Platelet Lysate in our news articles. In fact, these benefits are apparent in several life science areas.


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