Scientific Advisory Board

Scientific Advisory Board at PL BioScience

Guiding our ELAREM™ technology to a cutting-edge innovator of regenerative therapies

The Scientific Advisory Board plays a crucial role in the shaping of our R&D activities. With our ELAREM™ Human Platelet Lysates, we follow the mission to accelerate the multiple developments in the treatment of life-threatening diseases. For that reason, we are glad to be supported by leading biotech experts from the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine.

Consequently, we are convinced that the Scientific Advisory Board’s academic, clinical and industrial insights combined with our specialist expertise help us answer the far-reaching scientific questions of tomorrow.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

We are glad to introduce the first member of our Scientific Advisory Board

“We warmly welcome Lindsay Davies as the first member of the Scientific Advisory Board. The entire team looks forward to exchanging on cutting-edge ideas. Without doubt, Lindsay’s valuable clinical experience in the cell therapy field helps us promote the development of regenerative therapies for patients in need.“

Dr. Hatim Hemeda CEO of PL BioScience

Dr. Hatim Hemeda, CEO

Scientific Advisory Board - Lindsay Davies

+ - Lindsay Davies, PhD

CEO and Founder of CellTherEx

Lindsay is the CEO and Founder of CellTherEx, a life science consultancy company, helping academics to translate their research to the clinic. She brings more than 15 years of experience in the fields of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. In short, she held international positions at Karolinska Institute, Cardiff University and Finnish Red Cross Blood Service.

Uniting academic and industrial insights

During her career, Lindsay has gained broad expert knowledge in preclinical research, clinical trial design and product development within cell therapy and regenerative medicine. Thus, she has built a wide-ranging network in the cell and gene therapy community.

Additionally, she contributes her expert knowledge as a member of numerous Scientific Advisory Boards including European Tissue Repair Society. Next to that, she is a member of the Commercialisation Committee for the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy (ISCT).

Renowned scientific achievements

During her career, Lindsay has been presented with several awards. Beside that, she is the named inventor on numerous granted patents. Also, she has extensively published in the field of regenerative medicine. Her publications focus on the use of advanced therapies for immune mediated disorders including Graft versus Host Disease and Type I Diabetes.

Track record

Lindsay has a great success story in receiving external grant funding, clinical trial applications, GMP manufacturing as well as mentorship for spin-outs and SMEs. All in all, with the aim of supporting the transition from lab to patients.

Dr. Hatim Hemeda, CEO

Dr. Hatim Hemeda CEO of PL BioScience

We are happy to introduce the second member of our Scientific Advisory Board

We warmly welcome Bernd as the second member of our PL BioScience Scientific Advisory Board, we look forward to learning from his scientific expertise. Bernd’s years of stem cell and extracellular vesicle (EV)/exosome experience gives us considerable insights into the cutting-edge of EV-based cell therapy. He will support us in optimizing products for advanced EV production.”

+ - Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Bernd Giebel

Research Head at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine at the University Hospital Essen

Bernd studied Biology and received his PhD at the Institute of Developmental Biology in Cologne. He has gathered considerable knowledge in stem cell research and over the years has set focus on the production and characterization of EVs. He brings his experience and expertise to the Scientific Advisory Board at PL BioScience. Since 2008, he is currently heading a research group at the Institute for Transfusion Medicine at the University Hospital Essen. Bernd has been working with human hematopoietic stem cells since 1999 and started to explore the therapeutic potential of mesenchymal stem/stromal cell-derived EVs in 2009.

Engagement in the therapeutic EV field

Bernd is the founding president of the German Society of Extracellular Vesicles (GSEV) and co-chair of the exosome committee of the International Society of Gene and Cell Therapy (ISCT). Furthermore, he is an active member of the International Society of Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV). According to his internationally well-recognized expertise, he is also part of the scientific advisory boards of two emerging EV-centric SME companies and a founding director of the MSC-EV-based therapeutic company, Exosla.

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